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Adaptive-Grid Methods for Plasma and Radiation Hydrodynamics

Osman Yasar
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Center for Computational Sciences
Oak Ridge, TN 37831


An explicit adaptive-grid finite differencing method for one dimensional radiation magnetohydrodynamics computations is described. Based on the equidistribution principle, this explicit procedure moves the grid points to regions with high spatial gradients in physical quantities, such as temperature, mass density, pressure and momentum. The governing magnetic field, radiative transfer and hydrodynamics equations are transformed to the moving adaptive reference frame. The time and spatially dependent radiation field is determined by solving the radiative transfer equation with the multigroup discrete ordinate method with implicit time differencing. The magnetic field is solved through a diffusion equation resulted from Maxwell's equations and Ohm's law. The fluid equations are solved using a first order upwind spatial differencing and explicit time differencing scheme. The coupling between the fluid and radiation field is treated explicitly by first solving for the radiation field and then the fluid equations. A conservative differencing scheme based on the control volume approach is chosen to retain the conservative nature of the governing equations.

Osman Yasar
Thu Mar 21 14:48:13 EST 1996