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Radiation processes and radiation transport play an important role in plasma hydrodynamics. The dynamics of target implosions can be strongly affected by radiative transfer. The radiation represents a significant energy transfer mechanism in the plasma, thus the coupling between the plasma and the radiation field must be accurately determined to predict and interpret the outcome of experiments.

Previous studies involved modeling these problems on a lagrangian grid system with the radiative transfer represented by a diffusion equation. The advancements to be made here are solving the governing equations on an adaptive grid system and representing the radiative transfer without making the diffusion approximation.

The plasma hydrodynamics has characteristics of steep gradients and shock structures that need to be handled with a robust computational grid system. In this paper, we describe an adaptive-grid finite difference scheme for fusion plasmas in the frame of radiation hydrodynamics that satisfies this need.

Osman Yasar
Thu Mar 21 14:48:13 EST 1996