Handout Materials for CPS Courses

UNIX Handouts

  • Basic Unix Tutorial PS PDF
  • VI Tutorial PS PDF

    MATLAB Handouts

  • MATLAB Linear Algebra Tutorial PS PDF HTML
  • MATLAB Programming Tutorial PS PDF HTML
  • MATLAB 2D Graphics PS PDF HTML
  • MATLAB 3D Graphics PS PDF HTML

    If you have used these handouts or have suggestions for improvements, please email me and let me know.

    LaTeX Handouts

    The handouts below are for the LaTeX workshops offered by the CPS Club. The main reference document is an old writeup written by David Griffiths and Desmond Higham. It is the best source I have found for a "brief, everything you need to know about LaTeX 99% of the time" reference. Some minor items have changed, mainly the code for starting the document. For these changes, please see the sample LaTeX shell below.

  • Basic LaTeX Tutorial CS.pdf
  • Basic LaTeX Shell shell.tex
  • Sample Postscript Figure fig1.ps

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