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ESC 251 HW 23 Due: Nov. 3

(1 pt) The data file contains a table of values for some unknown function. Write a program that will count the number of lines in the data file.
(6 pts) You will need the answer from Problem 1 to do this problem. Write a program that will use one loop to read in the data values in into two array variables. This loop should look something like:
   DO i = 1,.....
      READ(*,*) x(i),y(i)
In a second loop, compute the area under the function using the trapezoidal rule. Could you use Simpson's rule for this problem? Why or why not?
(3 pts) Write a program that will swap two variables. For example, suppose you declare a and b to be integers and set a = 5 and b = -9. When your program terminates, the value of a should be -9 and the value of b should be 5. Your program should work for any values of a and b.